Future Ideas

This is just a dumping ground for ideas that I might want to try out later:

Software development projects

These projects focus more on developing software, either locally or to run in the cloud:

  • Scan some of the common compute instance images and see how they fair against the CIS benchmarks
  • Use Big query to determine how prevalent the images are.
  • How to come up with the Security Plan
  • Add tests to the WSPR application
  • Create a python/NodeJs wspr application
  • Continue work on creating a WSPR spot service

  • Python/NodeJS on Microcontrollers
    • Unicorn Lights
    • Weather monitor
    • Trampoline app sensor
  • Electron App
    • Maybe for my WSPR app?
  • Monte Carlo Simulation in Rust?
  • Update the location Randomiser

Electronics projects

  • Z80 Board
    • USB host controller for it?
    • VGA/HDMI display out
  • ARM based SDR - https://medium.com/coinmonks/coding-the-stm32-blue-pill-with-rust-and-visual-studio-code-b21615d8a20
  • FPGA development ? - would need to buy a development board for this.
    • SDR ?
  • MicroController development in Rust - https://rust-embedded.github.io/book/intro/index.html
    • Started on this in the learn-rust project folder, although need to something to apply the idea to rather than just studying the book.
  • ReBuild the binary clock using NeoPixels
    • could also re use the excess ones from the unicorn lights project
  • Temperature Logger
  • See what’s new in ardunino lately

Amateur Radio Projects

  • Chess over HF
  • [x] Setup SDR receiver
  • Build Well goodLoop kit
  • build Pa0rdt Mini Whip kit
  • Finish building a 9:1 Un-Un for end-fed wire antennas
  • Finish buildlng 1:1 balun
  • Setup G0UPL wspr kit with GPS antenna.
  • APRS digipeater/IGate
  • Foxhunt / Direction Finding (both the fox and the finder)
  • try out ft-8 and some of the other new digital modes

Misc computing project ideas

  • [x] Setup PiHole to block Ads
  • Install linux on XPS
  • [x] Try out WSLv2
  • [x] upgrade to windows 10 pro on XPS
  • [x] Build Kubernetes cluster from RaspberryPis - setup k3s on pi4 however no current cluster workloads to test on it
  • [x] Raspberry Pi Nas


  • Long expose of stars
  • Night time/ long expose of Yarra River

3D printing / Mechanical / Construction projects

  • [x] Stand/Rack for Hard Drives and USB Hub to go into.
  • Rack for Raspberry Pis