About Me:

I’m a software developer working in Sydney. Day to day I design and build data lakes, web apps and backend applications in AWS, GCP and Azure.

Previously I obtained my PhD from Deakin University, Australia. I originally started my PhD under the direction of Prof. Tiffany R. Walsh at the University of Warwick, before transferring to Deakin to rejoin Prof.  Walsh in 2012. My background is primarily in physics where I have a bachelors and MSc both from Warwick, further details about my academic achievements can be found here.

Out side of academia I’m interested in all things technical, so here you find the results of things I’ve played about with, once I get round to writing them up. Amateur radio is another interest of mine, and I obtained my foundation license in 2013 with the callsign VK3FAHB, 10 months later I passed my advanced license gaining the callsign VK3ABX. I have also held the callsign M0HUA since August 2014. I also took part in the Geelong Radio and Electronics Societies 50th anniversary, operating their special even callsign VK3ANR50 for a couple of days during the event.